Painted by Toshiharu Maeda Lettered&created by Masao Yamasaki
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TERAKOYA(temple school)
on earth

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Japanese education usually has a composition that ADULTS TEACH CHILDREN(from the top to the bottom) many many information and technique.
But I hope adults create a place where a human being who wants to learn(not only children but also adults) can be main in spite of age or status.
If the place continue for a period of time,we can build a friendly relationship based on 【SOYOU 素養】(knowledge of life) and 【TAMASHII NO JIRITSU 魂の自立】(independence of SOUL,not economic independence) without home and office.
Up to universe
by Mami Sakura_Sagittarius
twin soul
by Hiromi Ashisako  _Aries 
by Michiyo Kubo _Cancer
A drop of JOY spread delight
by Kayano Imagi  _Pisces

To  be  friends is  a piece of KAWAII DEMO.
by Yakamashi Misaki  _Capricorn
Trial and error
Toshiharu Maeda_Aries 
Smiling will bring you good fortune
by Mari Mori_Sagittarius
by Konishi Tomoyo_Virgo
Let's enjoy DANCE!
by Yuka Uchida_Virgo
A Dream is a wish your heart makes.
by  Sayuka  _Aries 

by Masao Yamasaki_Gemini
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