Think Globally, Act Locally." Glocal_Accordionist
Mr. creeping

 by Tomohiro Aoki  _Aquarius
A drop of JOY spread delight
by 佳矢乃  _Pisces

A Dream is a wish your heart makes.
by  Sayuka  _Aries 

twin soul
by Hiromi   Ashisako  _Aries 
by Michiyo Kubo _Cancer
To  be  friends is  a piece of KAWAII DEMO.
by Yakamashi Misaki  _Capricorn
Painted by Toshiharu Maeda
Letterd & created by MasaoYamasaki
Painted by Toshiharu Maeda
Trial and error
Toshiharu Maeda_Aries 
Up to universe
by Mamisakura_Sagittarius
by MasaoYamasaki_Gemini